Rider Inside

How to Plan Your Trip:

You can plan your trip using any of the following tools:

Online Trip Planner: Click the METRO Transit Online Trip Planner which allows you to enter information about where you would like to depart and arrive and the time and day of your trip. It then gives you all the available options to complete your trip.

Pocket Schedules: Pick up a pocket schedule from any SouthWest Transit park-and-ride location, any SouthWest Transit bus, your local library, or from several other locations in the SouthWest Transit service area. Schedules can also be obtained by calling SouthWest Transit Customer Service. Download the PDF Pocket Schedules.

Customer Service Representatives: Our friendly customer service representatives are available 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday-Friday to assist with planning your trip. Click for Customer Service Options.

How to Read a Schedule:

Once you have selected the correct schedule for your trip, look across the top of the schedule for the location from which you wish to depart. Departure times from that location are listed directly beneath it. To determine when your bus will arrive at your destination, follow the time line to the right of the departure time. The arrival time will be listed under your destination.

Download Schedule

How To Ride:

Call Customer Service at 952-949-2BUS(2287) or go online to find a route that fits your need.

Buy a Go-To Card

Stop by SouthWest Station, SouthWest Village (Tuesday 6:00 am – 8:30 am) or East Creek Station (Wednesday 6:00 am - 8:30 am) to buy a Go-To Card; or have the correct fare on hand (remember drivers don’t make change). Fares vary between $2.50 and $3.25 one-way.

Arrive 5 minutes early to board your bus. Our buses run on-time, so don’t be late!

Sit back and enjoy the ride. Our coach buses offer cup holders, foot rests and reading lights.

  • No eating on the buses.
  • Beverages are allowed in covered containers only.
  • No loud music is allowed on the bus – use headphones.

Cell Phones

  • Cell phone calls are a distraction to the driver and other riders.
  • The Rider Committee has designated the highway portion of any trip as a “Quiet Zone”. Please refrain from making or receiving calls once the bus has entered the highway (either eastbound or westbound).
  • Drivers will periodically make announcements as a reminder of this program.

Listen for stop announcements and exit the bus at your stop.

That’s all there is to it and your driver is there to help you along the way!

Catching the Bus:

Wait for the bus at the appropriate time and place, according to the schedule. Please be ready 5 minutes before scheduled stop. Buses will stop at locations marked with bus signs along the route.

Downtown Minneapolis stops:

  • EASTBOUND riders get OFF buses at designated bus stops along 12th St. from Hennepin to 2nd Ave., at “F” stops along 2nd Ave., ending its route at Washington Ave. & 4th Ave. (Gateway). Route 698 continues to the U of M.
    Pay your fare when you get on the bus.
  • WESTBOUND riders get ON buses at designated bus stops along Marquette Ave. from 2nd St. to 10th St. at “D” stops, along 11th St. to Harmon. Route 698 begins at the U of M.
    Before 3:00 pm, pay your fare when you board.
    After 3:00 pm, pay your fare when you get off the bus.

How to Pay the Fare:

EASTBOUND: Pay when you board the bus.
WESTBOUND: Before 3:00 pm, pay when you board the bus. After 3:00 pm, pay when you depart the bus.

Go-To Card, UPass, College Pass, Metro Pass: Touch your card to the blue reader. A transfer is embedded. Inform the driver in advance if you are paying for more than one rider.

Cash: Put bills, coins or tokens in the farebox. Pay exact fare. Change is not available.

SuperSaver Cards, 31-Day Passes, and Stored Value Cards: Insert your card into the farebox reader. A transfer is embedded in the stored value card.

SouthWest Transit does not accept checks or credit cards as fare payment on the bus. A $.75 surcharge applies to transfers from local to express service.

Safety and Security:

At SouthWest Transit, we are committed to the safety of our passengers and employees. Safety means teamwork; drivers, dispatch, police and you.

You can assist in keeping our system safe by maintaining a watchful eye on and off the bus. Please notify your driver or customer service of any suspicious activity or unattended packages. You are an important part of our emergency preparedness team.

When parking your vehicle at any Park and Ride facility, be sure that any valuables are out of sight. Be sure to lock your vehicle’s doors.

SouthWest Transit has received the American Public Transportation Association’s “Gold Safety Award” for several years! The award recognizes public transportation organizations for their positive safety record and dedication to improving overall safety.

Can I Bring My Bike?

Of course, you can!

  • Bike racks are available at most Park & Ride locations.
  • Buses are equipped with bike racks for 2 or 3 bikes.
  • Ask your driver how to load your bike on the bus.