Testimonials from Our Riders

Always Excellent Service

"As I rode the bus to downtown Minneapolis on this Friday before Labor Day, I thought of how much I take for granted the excellent transportation service provided by SW Transit. I take the bus to and from downtown almost every day. I have never experienced an accident, a mechanical problem, a discourteous driver, a dirty bus or any significant disruption in service. Hats off this Labor Day weekend to all of you that work so hard to make that happen."

James Clifford

Drivers Go Above & Beyond

"Thank you to the employee who is working at the SW Transit Station this afternoon. I just asked him if I had time to walk across the parking lot to Caribou to get coffee. He said I would be pushing it. Then he made me a cup of coffee to take with me. What a kind gesture on his part!! Thank you!

Terri Endres

Great Transportation

"Great transportation to a TWINS game! Reasonable fare, pleasant ride, great bus drivers and friendly staff. They drop you off at parking ramp A and all you have to do is take the elevator up to the skyway level, walk a short distance to the TWINS entry gate and get into Target Field (You don't walk outside, at all!). I like the option of leaving after the 7th inning, or at the end of the game.

Tom & Donna Collins

High Level of Customer Service

"The drivers are courteous, the service is exceptional, and the schedules are very accurate. Other bus companies can’t even come close to Southwests level of customer service."

Mary King

Relaxing Events Ride

"Rode the bus to and from Chaska to the Twins game Tuesday night. Besides seeing the Twins win, we could relax and visit on the way there and back. I highly recommend this!

Bradley Koenig

Safe Transportation for the Community

"Thank you for being an awesome company who provides safe transportation for our community! I especially am grateful for all your friendly employees and drivers. Also, I appreciate the "Adventure" trips as well as working on lines to reach Normandale and other areas of fun."

Skye True-Hagenstein