Twins Express

Let SouthWest Transit Take You Out to the Ball Game with Quick, Easy and Convenient Service!

Ride SouthWest Transit’s Twins Express to Home Opener, Friday, and Weekend Games in April!

  • From East Creek Station - Hwy 212 & Hwy 41, Chaska
  • From SouthWest Village - Hwy 212 & Hwy 101, Chanhassen
  • From SouthWest Station - Hwy 212 & Technology Dr, Eden Prairie

Dates we will be running:

  • April 4th - Game starts at 3:10 PM
  • April 6th - Game starts at 1:10 PM
  • April 7th - Game starts at 1:10 PM
  • April 19th - Game starts at 7:10 PM
  • April 20th - Game starts at 1:10 PM
  • April 21st - Game starts at 1:10 PM

Departure Times

Game Start TimeEast Creek StationSouthWest VillageSouthWest StationDrop Off
Target Field Hwy 212 & Hwy 41
Hwy 212 & Hwy 101
Hwy 212 & Prairie Center Dr
Eden Prairie
Target Field - 7th St. Ramp (Ramp A)
1:10 PM 11:10 AM 11:20 AM 11:30 AM 12:10 PM
3:10 PM 1:10 pm 1:20 PM 1:30 PM 2:10 PM
7:10 PM 5:10 pm 5:20 PM 5:30 PM 6:10 PM

Drop off time may vary depending on traffic and road closures.

Return Times

  • 30 minutes after the last out of the game (On nights with fireworks, the return bus leaves 30 minutes after fireworks end)

Drop-Off and Return Location

  • After the game, board the bus where we dropped you off

Round-Trip Fares

  • Adults: $6
  • Children 5 and Under Ride Free 
  • Disabled Veterans (with ID) Ride Free

Two convenient payment options:

  • Purchase your ticket on the SWT Mobile app or Cash
  • Exact change only, please

Here is how you purchase your special event bus tickets ahead of time:

  1. Download the Token Transit app on iOS or Android
  2. Enter your phone number, this will be used as your login and you’ll be texted a verification code
  3. Click on Buy Passes
  4. Under Available Agencies, select SouthWest Transit (it should show up under Nearby Agencies, if not, you are able to use the search function)
  5. Select Twins Express
  6. Select the game you plan to attend
  7. Select Add to Cart, change quantity of tickets if needed, select Add and View Cart
  8. Select either Buy with Apple Pay or Buy with Card

You’ll need to activate the pass(es) before you board the bus to show the driver that it is active

Please Note: Go-To Cards are not accepted for Twins Express fare