Heading to Downtown Minneapolis for Jury Duty? 

How to Get to the Hennepin County Government Center: 

Take any of the buses listed below to 2nd Ave S & 5th St. When you exit the bus, walk 1 block along 5th St. You can enter the Hennepin County Government Center on the north side of the building near the Government Plaza transit station. 

From Eden Prairie:
Catch any 690 or 698 at SouthWest Station, located at 13500 Technology Drive, Eden Prairie. 

From Chanhassen:
Catch any 690V, 698, or 699 at SouthWest Village, located at Hwy 212 & Hwy 101, Chanhassen or Catch any 698 or 699 from Chanhassen Transit station, located at 500 Market St., Chanhassen.

From Chaska:
Catch any 690V, 697, or 698 at East Creek Station, located at Hwy 212 & Hwy 41, Chaska. 

From Carver:
Catch any 697 from Carver Station, located at Hwy 212 & Jonathan Carver Pkwy, Carver. 

How to Return to Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Chaska, or Carver: 

Exit the Hennepin County Government Center on the south side of the building onto 7th St. Walk 2 blocks along 7th St to Marquette Avenue. Catch any of the buses below at the D Stop, located at Marquette Ave & 7th St. 

To SouthWest Station (Eden Prairie):
Catch any 600, 690, or 698

To SouthWest Village (Chanhassen):
Catch any 600, 690V, 698, or 699

To Chanhassen Transit Station (Chanhassen):
Catch any 698 or 699

To East Creek Station (Chaska):
Catch any 697, 698, 699, or 699E

To Carver Station (Carver):
Catch any 600, 690V, 697, or 698

How To Pay Your Fare: 

SouthWest Transit accepts the Metro Transit Free Ride Passes included in your packet. 

Other acceptable forms of payment include: 

  • Cash - Exact Change Only (Bills or Coins); checks and credit cards are not accepted as payment on buses
  • Go-To Card
  • Metropass - issued by employers
  • U-Pass- issued by University of Minnesota
  • College Pass - issued by colleges and universities
  • Transfer from another bus or rail
  • Transit Link transfer
  • Free ride vouchers - SWT or Metro Transit

Peak Fare (6:00 am - 9:00 am & 3:00 pm - 6:30 pm): $3.25
Non-Peak Fare: $2.50