Disruptive Riders Policy

SouthWest Transit will not tolerate behavior that is disruptive to operations. SouthWest Transit prohibits behavior which is disruptive, disgruntled, offensive, abusive or vulgar and behavior which in any way harasses staff and/or customers, whether verbally or physical, by telephone or in person. SouthWest Transit also prohibits the use of any product which emits or disburses into the air including but not limited to aerosol products, perfumes and colognes, and all forms of tobacco including e-cigarettes. Any person engaging in prohibited behavior may be asked to cease the prohibited behavior and/or may be removed from the SouthWest Transit facility, vehicle or equipment. In addition, SouthWest Transit reserves the right to ban individuals from SouthWest Transit facilities, vehicles, and equipment and from utilizing SouthWest Transit services in cases where the individual repeatedly engages in prohibited behavior. Such individuals shall be notified in writing via certified mail to cease and desist such conduct or they may be banned from utilizing SouthWest Transit services or from physically entering SouthWest Transit facilities or vehicles. The decision to ban an offending individual is in the sole discretion of SouthWest Transit’s Chief Executive Officer. SouthWest Transit reserves its right to take any action authorized by state law, including, but not limited to, seeking a restraining order against the offending individual, regardless of whether or not SouthWest Transit has previously banned an offending individual. Reinstatement of transit privileges shall be handled on a case by case basis, in the sole discretion of SouthWest Transit’s Chief Executive Officer.

Adopted by the SouthWest Transit Commission 5/23/13