SouthWest Transit Policies

  • The SouthWest Transit Disruptive Rider Policy addresses behavior disruptive to operations. The policy states that “SouthWest Transit also prohibits the use of any product which emits or disburses into the air including but not limited to aerosol products, perfumes and colognes, and all forms of tobacco including e-cigarettes.”
  • Social Media Policy provides guidelines to SouthWest Transit’s use of social media.
  • The Wi-Fi Disclaimer refers to the wi-fi available on our buses and the stations.
  • The Title VI Plan outlines SouthWest Transit’s commitment to Fairness and Equality.
  • Our Shared Expectations and Responsibilities ensures an "Expect The Best" Partnership.
  • SouthWest Transit's ADA Grievance Procedure outlines the process for an ADA related complaint. In the event that an incident occurs, rider's can complete the ADA Discrimination Complaint form.
  • SouthWest Transit's Title VI Complaint Form can be downloaded for printing here.