SouthWest Prime

Cars in Snow

Snow Emergency Procedures

In the event of substantial snowfall overnight, a decision will be made before 5 am if service will run.

If a Snow Emergency is declared prior to 6 am, SouthWest Prime will not operate.

If a Snow Emergency is declared after 6 am:

  • SouthWest Prime will operate but will not take any new ride requests.
  • Riders who were picked up by SW Prime earlier in the day and need a return trip will be accommodated.
  • Please note that you may experience longer wait times and ride times than usual. We will do our best to accommodate as many people as possible, and we appreciate your patience!
  • During a Snow Emergency, SW Prime vehicles may not be able to enter parking lots and unplowed areas. You may need to be picked up or dropped off at the curb closest to your location. 
  • Online and Phone App requests will not be available. Vehicle tracking & ETA features on the app may not be accurate.


Why do I have to wait longer than usual?
We do our best to pick you up in a timely manner. However, hazardous road conditions and a large number of people who all need a ride at the same time can cause longer wait times.

Why can’t my driver take me directly to my destination?
Our drivers do their best to get each rider to their destination as safely and quickly as possible. Because SW Prime is a shared ride service, other riders may need to be picked up and dropped off during your ride.

Why am I being picked up/dropped off at the curb?
Just like your personal vehicles, our buses have the potential to become stuck in unplowed areas. To prevent this from happening, our drivers are not able to pick up riders from driveways or parking lots that have not been plowed. We will, however, get as close to you as possible.

Why can’t I request a new ride?
In order to provide return rides to those who rode with SouthWest Prime earlier in the day , we will not be able to accommodate any other riders. You will be able to request a new ride once roads have been cleared and the Snow Emergency is lifted.

Why is my driver taking a different way to my destination?
If roads are not cleared and our drivers do not feel they can safely travel on them, your driver may choose to take a different route to get you to your destination.

During a Snow Emergency, our number one goal is safety. We do everything possible to keep our riders, drivers and staff safe while providing as many rides as possible.
We will do our best to pick you up and drop you off in a timely manner, and we appreciate your patience!