SouthWest Transit is implementing a new Wi-Fi system because the "All Access" model is exceeding our allowable data caps and making it cost-prohibitive to operate. 
During the month of November, you will notice that our wireless SSID will no longer use the bus number. It will instead be shown as "SouthWest Bus Wi-Fi." Connect to this new name and accept the terms of use, and you will be connected to the Internet!

In order to improve speeds for those using Wi-Fi to work on the bus, the new system will restrict access to:

  • Downloading of Files
  • OS System Updates - Windows Updates
  • App Downloads
  • Audio Streaming (Pandora, Spotify, etc.)
  • Video Streaming (Hulu, Netflix, etc.)

Limiting the above items will increase Wi-Fi reliability, creating a better experience for all users. Many apps, such as Netflix, allow for downloading to your device. With this option, you can download your music or videos at home and listen/watch on the bus without using any data! Check your app for details.