As stay-home restrictions begin to be lifted, we look forward to welcoming you back to riding the bus.

We have plans in place to continue doing everything possible to ensure the safety of everyone using our services.

• Cleaning of buses & stations multiple times daily

• Limiting bus capacity/seating to one person per alternated row on large buses, allowing social distancing

• Spare buses will be available and deployed as needed to allow for proper social distancing while keeping buses on schedule

• Floors in our stations are marked with proper social distancing markers

• Additional parking in ramps will be opened as needed

• Drivers are all masked while operating any vehicle

• Cabin air filters routinely changed

The order has come down from the Metropolitan Council, through the Governor. Effective Monday, May 18 riders will be required to wear a face-covering while onboard public transportation. If you do not have a face-covering, please ask the driver, or check with a customer service representative and one will be provided.

Now, More than ever ... We need YOU to do your part!

Complying with the face-covering request is absolutely critical in assuring the continued operation of all SWT Services that many people rely on. If past riders are staying away from riding the bus because they don’t feel safe, they won’t come back until they do.

Please! Out of respect to those around you ... Your family, our family, grandmothers, children, mom, dad, Uncle Tony, the cashier at the store ... Please wear a face covering while in public and especially if taking public transportation.

When you are ready, SWT looks forward to welcoming you back!