Early construction work on Southwest Light Rail Transit (Southwest LRT) has begun, including installation of barricades and fencing around construction sites and clearing trees. 

For information on what to expect with Southwest Light Rail Transit construction, answers to questions and concerns and the latest updates, please visit SWLRT.org or follow them on Twitter @SouthwestLRT.

For urgent Southwest LRT construction issues, please call their 24-hour hotline at 612-373-3933 for assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will the construction at SouthWest Station affect my commute? 

While there will be some minor inconveniences (related to construction), service will basically remain the same. What will change is the station waiting area. Sometime this fall, a temporary station will be constructed in the location that previously housed Culvers. Buses will use Technology Drive for pick-ups and drop-offs. All the conveniences currently located in SouthWest Station (Customer Service, restrooms, vending, etc.) will be in the temporary station. It's anticipated that the temporary station will be in place for approximately two years. 

How will bus operations be affected once the LRT Green Line is completed? 

When the Green Line (LRT) extension opens in 2023, SouthWest Transit still plans to provide its normal operations during the peak hours (5:30 am - 9:30 am and 2:30 pm - 6:30 pm). 
We will utilize the LRT operations during the mid-day, evenings and weekends with shuttle service back to Chanhassen and Chaska. 
With the savings, SouthWest Transit will be able to expand into other markets (possibly across 494) and provide additional SW Prime service. 

What presence will SouthWest Transit have in the new station once the LRT Green Line is completed? 

SouthWest Transit will manage and staff the joint bus and LRT station, which will be located in an area across from the current Gate B. 

How will SouthWest Transit integrate the LRT with other park-and-rides in Chanhassen and Chaska? 

Plans are still being developed, but they will consist of shuttles (BRT style) and SW Prime.