SW Cares


Each month, SouthWest Transit asks for your feedback on important topics such as route planning, bus and station amenities, marketing initiatives, and more through our SW Cares questionnaire. Your responses to this monthly questionnaire help guide us as we strive to make SouthWest Transit even better. 

This month, SW Cares is searching for SouthWest Transit Brand Advocates and Focus Group Participants. 
SW Transit Brand Advocates:

  • Must be familiar with SouthWest Transit's services and be willing to share information about these services with others. 
  • Help other riders feel welcomed and comfortable on the bus.
  • Attend quarterly feedback sessions with SouthWest Transit employees.
  • Are featured on SouthWest Transit's website and social media pages.
  • Reguarly interact with SouthWest Transit on social media platforms.

If you're interested, please complete the following survey:

  • SouthWest Transit is searching for candidates to become Brand Advocates (please see description above). Would you be interested in becoming a SouthWest Transit Brand Advocate? If so, please provide us with the additional information below.