Seeking Non-Riders for a Focus Group on Thursday, November 8th

SouthWest Transit is seeking individuals who do not currently ride the bus on a regular basis to participate in a focus group regarding transportation needs. Compensation for participating is a $50 Visa Gift Card.

Please complete the survey below to be considered for participation in this focus group. 

  • Age
  • Do you work outside of the home?
  • Home many days each week do you commute to/from work?
  • Does your place of employment allow telecommuting?
  • Which mode of transportation do you currently use most often for commuting to/from work?
  • Do you regularly use public transportation (Bus Light Rail, BRT, etc.)?
  • If yes to the above question, for which purposes do you use public transportation? (select all that apply)
  • Do you regularly use on-demand ride services (Uber, Lyft, SW Prime)?
  • If yes to the above question, which services do you use?