The History of SouthWest Transit's 1947 GM Silverside Bus:

2001: SouthWest Transit purchased its 1947 GM Silverside from the Twin Cities area. At the time of purchase, the bus was a converted motor home. 

2002: A second 1947 Silverside was purchased for parts from a seller in Ohio. 

2004: The interior was stripped down to the metal, and the engine and transmission were rebuilt. 

2005: The interior was completely restored. Seats and overhead luggage racks were pulled from the parts bus and refurbished. 

2009: The original air conditioner engine was reconditioned and reinstalled. 

2012: The engine bay was repainted and cleaned, and lighting upgrades were made. 

2013-2014: A modern alternator, starter and updated wiring were installed, and the original AC unit was rebuilt. 

2015-2016: Power steering, a new clutch, new speedometer, and rear differential were installed. The transmission was rebuilt. 

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