Our Shared Expectations and Responsibilities

An “Expect The Best” Partnership

SouthWest Transit is committed to an “Expect the Best” service level in the transit and coach travel provided to our communities and riders. The Expectations set out below are intended to clarify what “Expect the Best” means to the SouthWest Transit Riders, Staff, and Commission. However, as every Rider knows, excellent service delivery requires more than just dedicated staff and employees. Even when service is on time and clean, Riders make the difference between whether a trip is merely tolerable or truly pleasant and stress free. To this end, the Rider Advisory Committee, SouthWest Transit Staff, and SouthWest Transit Commissioners ask the Riders to support this “Expect the Best” partnership by honoring the Rider Responsibilities to the same high degree that SouthWest Transit is devoted to delivering and exceeding Rider daily expectations for safe, reliable, affordable, and comfortable service.

Rider Expectations:

-To receive prompt and courteous information from staff, phone services, and web-based portals to their questions about current routes, schedules, and services provided by SouthWest Transit.
-To find facilities well marked in terms of location, entrance, egress, and services.
-To find facilities that are clean, well-lit, safe, and inviting.
-To find vehicles that are clean (inside and out) and properly marked for their destinations.
-Drivers who are safe, pleasant, courteous, and professional in all other respects.
-An on-time ride with clear announcements about the route, scheduled stops, and connections to other mass transit routes.
-When service is delayed, access to real-time service information when off the bus. On the bus, drivers will keep riders informed of their safe and timely responses taken to route delays and variances.
-To receive prompt and courteous responses to suggestions for service changes and improvements.
-Thorough evaluation and prompt response by SouthWest staff to rider complaints.
-Mobility impaired passengers and others with special needs will be made to feel welcome consistent with the physical capabilities of the facilities, equipment, and staff.
-Prior to significant service changes being made, the public will be given the opportunity to review suggested changes and provide comment before any final decisions are made.
-All overload situations will be addressed within 5 occurrences, which means passengers should rarely have to stand on any SouthWest Transit bus. 

Rider Responsibilities:

-Treat SouthWest staff, contractors, service providers, and fellow passengers with the same level of politeness and courtesy as you would expect from them.
-Allow senior citizens, disabled persons, and persons with service animals to occupy space at the front of the coach or where seats are specially marked.
-Refrain from making cell phone calls in the “Quiet Zone”. In areas where cell phones are permitted, keep calls short and quiet.
-Honor bus driver requests when made in the interest of safety or the needs of others.
-Be considerate of the person in the seat behind you when using the seat-recline feature.
-Do not occupy more than one seat when others need seating. During peak times, place parcels and purses in the overhead rack or on your lap; not in the aisle or in the seat beside you.
-Riders with backpacks or large shoulder bags are encouraged to carry them down the coach aisle.
-Be ready to board or exit several minutes before the posted departure or arrival times.
-At station stops, standees have priority for leaving the bus. All other riders are encouraged to exit from front to rear of the coach.
-Leave your seat, vent, drink holder, and lighting as you would like to find them.
-Use headphones at volume levels that do not disturb those around you.
-Share your ideas about the service (improvements or critiques) with Customer Service. Help improve services by participating in rider surveys and committees.
-Food and and beverages must be kept in a covered container. Please be respectful of your fellow riders and clean up after yourself. 

SouthWest Transit reserves the right to deny service to any passenger who is intoxicated or in violation of SouthWest Transit's Rider Responsibility Policy.