Request for Proposal - Advertising

SouthWest Transit (SWT) operates the transit system known as “SouthWest Transit” and owns/operates from four parking ramps known as: SouthWest Station located at 13500 Technology Drive, Eden Prairie, MN; SouthWest Village situated at 650 SouthWest Village Drive, Chanhassen, MN; Chanhassen Station situated at 500 Market St., Chanhassen, MN; and East Creek Station situated at 2120 Chestnut St. N, Chaska, MN, as well as a fleet of buses.

SWT is seeking proposals to provide advertising at the ramps and on the buses for a three-year term with an option for one additional three-year term. Anticipated start date of January 1, 2022. The contract is subject to cancellation upon a default of the contractor or SWT and upon 60 days’ notice for any reason by either party.

Please click the link to view the Request for Proposal.