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We Need Your Opinions!

Every month, SouthWest Transit posts a new SouthWest Cares Questionnaire. Your answers to our monthly questions helps guide us as we look at new ways to market our services, make policy changes, make changes to our schedules, and more! 

Please take a moment to fill out the March SouthWest Cares Questionnaire below:

*Please note that giving us your name and email address is completely optional

SouthWest Transit is looking into providing weekend service in the future. To help us gauge the demand for such a service, please complete the questions below. 

  • Have you used any SouthWest Transit special event services (State Fair, Vikings, Twins, Gophers, etc.)?
  • If yes to the above question, which SouthWest Transit special event services have you used?
  • Are there any other events to which you would like SouthWest Transit to provide service?